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In 2020, we entered a new reality in which many people, organizations, companies ceased to operate in their usual way. Only a quick reaction to new conditions guaranteed continued existence. In mid-March, the HEureka Generator Association started working on a long-term plan to expand the competences of people associated with the organization, so that our activities could be continued virtually. At the moment we already use many tools adapted to the current working conditions, both in internal communication of the organization and in working with a group.

Based on the results of the survey of the needs of our local target groups and the needs of foreign partners, we have prepared a training course 'Work online with you (th)', in which we were teaching participants how to effectively work virtually with various groups.

Place and date: Motycz Leśny n. Lublin, 01-09.02.2022

Project number: 2020-3-PL01-KA105-094925

Project partners:

For Youth (Slovakia)
Evolution (Romania)
Żółta Owca (Poland)
Youth Strategic Research Center Foundation (Hungary)
Foundation for the Youth of Balatonalmádi (Hungary)
Kunda Social and Health center (Estonia)
Tavo Europa (Lithuania)
Unique Projects (Lithuania)
Live, Love, Create (Czech Republic)

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