The HEureka Generator Association creates electronic and hard-copy publications on most of its local and international initiatives. These are guides for youth workers, tips for young people on active citizenship, or project diaries. These are important tools for us to disseminate the results of our activities. We invite you to read!
The publication was created during the Polish-Ukrainian youth exchange Let me tell you a story - a year out of my country. It contains interviews with people who share their experience about living in Ukraine during the war.

Working methods

Broadcasts and publications

The publication was created during the international youth exchange Let me tell you a story - Help for Ukraine, during which participants from Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia prepared and conducted interviews with volunteers and translators from the aid point for refugees from Ukraine at 62 Zamoyskiego Street in Zamość, and with the refugees themselves who are currently living in Poland.
This publication was created during the international Work online with you(th) training course to share the experiences of course participants with its recipients, and to inspire others to be creative when working online with their groups. We invite you to read it.
The publication was created during the international training course V&D - Visibility and Dissemination, during which participants from seven European organizations learned about tools used to increase the visibility of projects and disseminate their results. In the book you will find examples of effective activities related to direct contact with the recipient. We invite you to read.

The publication was created during the international training course entitled Make the lead. By creating it, together with the project partners, we wanted to present how to properly prepare young people to act as leaders on the international youth exchange and what are the risks associated with taking this function without preparation. We invite you to read the publication!

The project is not a week-long meeting of peers from different countries, but a several-month-long adventure, a treasure box of various valuable experiences related to transforming youth ideas into real activities. In the project work, we often encounter problematic moments, and solving them takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes in these situations we lack the tools and the lack of help can cause serious problems. The publication titled 'Projects are not falling from the sky' is the result of an international seminar which we coordinated in 2019 as part of the European Erasmus + program. Seminar was focused on exchange of experiences between youth workers, leaders and coordinators from Poland, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia and Romania. We hope that thanks to reading the publication, the readers will gain valuable help with their projects. We invite you to download the extended version.

The publication was created jointly by the participants of the project We will manage organized in frames of the Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange. During the workshops, individual groups were responsible for creating its elements, such as: descriptions, graphic design, interviews, translation, and finally putting the publication together. You can see there a description of the activities in which young people from Poland and Ukraine participated during the youth exchange. You will also find interviews with participants and photos documenting the course of the meeting. We invite you to read!

The publication is the result of an international youth project entitled Let me tell you a story – Whisper of Exile, which we carried out in 2018. You will find in it living history lessons with Siberian exiles from Zamojskie Region of Poland, who told about the deportations, everyday life in exile and how they managed to return to their homeland. The publication is enriched with descriptions of the historical background and photos from the private collections of our heroes. This is the result of the great commitment of HEureka’s members, participants, partner organizations and our local partners. Coordination of the project was nominated in the competition of the Polish Foundation of the Education Development System for the EDUInspirator 2018 award in the Non-formal education category. If you would like to receive a paper version, write to us. We invite you for a living history lesson with HEureka!

In the publication 'Progress Generators' you will find a list of topics that we discussed during the international seminar with the same title. The seminar was created so that we could exchange experiences related to the creation and work of newly established non-governmental organizations in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. The publication also describes the principles of the Open Space method and explains how it can be used to discuss similar topics. You will also find out why it is worth meeting with the local community during the project and what benefits may result from it, and see photos from our meeting. The file contains information about all project partners. Publication in English.

We are proud to present the publication from our second youth exchange within the frames of Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange - Let's Debate. During the meeting, we discussed what active citizenship is, and our main method was debate. In the publication you will find a description of the day-to-day programme from the perspective of participants, topics of our debates, information about partner organizations and extensive photo galleries. If you would like to receive a paper version, write to us. We invite you to read!

In the publication from our first Polish-Ukrainian youth exchange you will find diary of the meeting day by day, how we were preparing for the every single point of the programme, participants' comments, a description of the theater game and information about partner organizations. The Keep talking project, to which the publication is devoted, was nominated for the EDUInspiracje 2018 award in the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council category. If you would like to receive a paper version, write to us. We invite you to read!