HEureka Generator Association has been founded in September 2016 by people with many years of experience in the field of non-governmental organizations. Our members are professional local and international project coordinators, non-formal education trainers and other young people who have been participating in many local and international projects. What we all have in common is the will to be active and act for our local community.

Main goals of our association are:

1. Increasing social activity of citizens.

2. Promoting and spreading the idea of non-formal education.

3. Organizing and supporting different forms of pro-youth activities.

4. Equaling chances for people with disabilities and those endangered by social exclusion.

5. Organizing and supporting activities aimed at preventing social exclusion.

Our association realizes its aims by activities such as:

1. Organizing and conducting local, regional, national and international courses, seminars and study visits aimed at increasing social activity of citizens.

2. Organizing international youth meetings conducted with use of non-formal education methods.

3. Creating new tools and methods of non-formal education.

4. Creating and distributing materials and publications concerning social activity, non-formal education and problems of young people and socially excluded groups.

5. Preparing and distributing publications in the field of conducting courses concerning elicitation of young people, and problems concerning social exclusion.

Working methods