Interviews with volunteers from Zamość

We interviewed volunteers and translators from Zamość, who have been working for 2 months at the help point for refugees from Ukraine at Zamojskiego 62 Str. in Zamość.

The structure of the interviews and questions were prepared the day before by young people from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Lithuania in frames of the youth exchange Let me tell you a story: Help for Ukraine. We are currently working on editing the collected materials.

We do it to show to inhabitants of Zamość and other European local communities what the work of volunteers at an aid point is like, and above all to give people the opportunity to find out who came to Zamość, how tragic the stories of people who flee their country before the war are.

The gathered materials will be published in the form of electronic and paper publications.

Thank you Natalia, Nadia, Paweł, Anastasia, Denis, Angelina for sharing with us your experience and many stories from the aid point.