Circus theatre for inclusion

In March 2023, we carried out a training course in Poland entitled 'Realms of imagination'. One of our partners was the Croatian organization Lumen from the town of Ludbreg, which is located between the cities of Varaždin and Koprivnica. During the meeting in Poland, we had the opportunity to discuss the details of our next cooperation. This is how we became partners of the youth exchange entitled 'Circus theater for inclusion'.

Both our organization and an organization from Croatia were interested in using theatre methods in working with young people, so we gladly accepted the proposal of a partnership in a youth exchange based on these methods.

The first days of the April youth exchange were devoted to getting to know each other better, checking how it is to work in an international group and switching from our language to English. It wasn't difficult. The workshops were prepared in such a way that communicative knowledge of English was sufficient.
After the introductory part, the participants began preparations for the theatrical show, which was to be presented to the local community at the end. Working in groups, everyone was preparing for their role.
The most fun part of the project for me was the theatre performance and the trip to the city of Varaždin. I liked the project very much. I discovered a lot about myself. I also met a lot of amazing, nice people. – Dominik Puława.
I was responsible for the light in the theatrical play. I was also part of the group responsible for the music in our show. Our task was to prepare the mood of the performance. It was a really cool job that opened my horizons. - Jan Oleszczuk.
The exchange ended on April 25. Here you can see the video prepared by the association HEureka Generator: